How to Write an Analytical Essay: Useful Tips

Rule #1 Understand what the analytic method of writing requires.

  • The word “analysis” has the Greek origin and can be translated as “breaking up”. This way of elaborating the information can be used for any research, additionally, it is used as a writing method.
  • Usually you will be given a piece of reading or a film to analyze. In order to complete the assignment you will need to divide the topic into parts and check if you material supports your idea stated.

Rule #2 Elaborate the topic

  • On this stage you should decide what you will write about. Even if you have topic given you can interpret in different ways, thus, you need to choose the position you are going to support in your essay.
  • Check the instructor’s prompt and requirements carefully. Do not omit any important points as it may lead to revisions or to an unsatisfactory grade.
  • Do some thorough readings before you start. You may use the recommended literature by your professor, also try to conduct your own research and reveal the new aspects for analyzing.

Rule #3 Formulating the thesis statement

  • The thesis statement is a sentence that expresses your main idea, how you see and what you think about the topic.
  • The main thesis statement rule is to make it concise and clear.
  • It can be the first or the last sentence of your introduction.

Rule #4 Support your claim

  • The previously mentioned thesis statement cannot go solely in the paper. It is connected from two sides: with the topic and with the evidences you provide in the body paragraphs.
  • Provide the directional sentences, which will explain to the reader the reason of your defending the particular position.
  • Think about the reasons which are illustrative for your thesis and can reveal it from different facets. Make sure your opinion is not one-sided and is ready for counterarguments
  • Support your judgment with the true facts from the source or subject you are analyzing.

Rule #5 Specific tips for analyzing

  • Analytic paper requires formal manner of writing. Make sure you do not use any slang but academic vocabulary instead.
  • Avoid odd information in your paper, check if it does not contain senseless sentences. Focus ob quality, not quantity.
  • Assure that you do not summarize the literature, film or plot of any other subject for analysis but evaluate and interpret in from your point of view.
  • The analysis paper should answer the questions HOW and WHY.
  • Mind that if you are writing for HIGH SCHOOL level the 5 paragraph essay with three arguments will be enough. However, COLLEGE and UNIVERSITY levels paper structure may vary, sometimes it does not have the standard format – the number of paragraphs will depend on your arguments.
  • You may use different criteria for analysis: examine and evaluate the subjects from various points, such as structure, form, author, significance, role for society, place in time and location.

Working on the analytical essay may seem challenging but such training, without doubts, will be beneficial for your future researches as the methods of analysis and synthesis are the most frequently used tactics of elaborating the information.


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