How to write an argumentative essay?

Firstly, you need to choose a topic for your argumentative essay. If your professor has suggested a topic, stage will be skipped. However, if you got list of topics or you are free to choose any you like, this will add a few hours to your argumentative essay completion. Why so? You need to go to library and search for the literature, which deals with your subject to look it through, read and analyze. While reading, you should pay attention to some issues, which are problematic and have not been resolved, so one of such issues will be suitable for your paper. Having found the issue, which is clear for you and you feel that you can write on it, you should formulate a topic, which will be appropriate for argumentative essay. There have to be at least two different points of view on the problem, so it will be good to show the opposition of approaches or emphasize on the fact, that issue has numerous opinions to its resolving. For example, if the problem has two views on it, you can formulate your topic as alternative question: “Is it good or bad to treat children as grown-ups?” If you will talk about more than two ways of thinking about the problem, you can simply state that this is a problem, and the topic will be logic for an argumentative essay: “Influence of language on culture: the problem, which have not been resolved yet”. Just stating some fact won`t work in this case. For example, such topic as “Primary education” seems to be not problematic, so nobody will see the point of giving any arguments on it.

You are to know the issue, its causes and effects, its place among other issues well, as no one can write a good paper not knowing what he is writing about. Some surface understanding won`t be good, because argumentative essays need concreteness in writing. One should know the main scientists and their understanding of the issue, telling when and where they were talking about it and even include some in-text citation to show they point of view more efficient. One paragraph should have one approach/point of view and there need to be arguments for each point. Arguments should always be well-supported. There are different types of support materials to prove your argument and you should better involve all of them. As such proofs you can use: examples from life (mostly, stories from your own experience, some stories you have heard etc.); statistical data (data from research of other scientists as well as your research results; it will be good if this data provided in form of info-graphic); thoughts of scientists (with citations from books); video- and audio materials (not compulsory and depends on the issue) etc. The supportive materials are to be reliable.

Obviously, argumentative essay deals with arguments and in order to know how to write an argumentative essay, you should be able to select and structure arguments properly. Professors, who work on us, are well-aware of major demands to argumentative essays and they can be of a great help for you to learn to write an argumentative essay better.

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