How to Write an Argumentative Essay: Suggestions for Better Writing

How to Write an Argumentative Essay Successfully?

Argumentative Essay as a Specific Essay Type

There are a lot of essay types. However, all of them can be divided into four main groups: narrative, descriptive, expository and argumentative ones. If to compare the argumentative essay with other types mentioned, we can find out how to write an argumentative essay properly. Here are its peculiarities:

  1. Problematic Topic

An argumentative essay always deals with a problematic issue. Obviously, there is no need to discuss different opinions on the fact, trying to convince others in some obvious features. As far as the argumentative topic is concerned, we can name two main requirements to it:

  • It Should Be Actual

This will be a failure, if you decide to convince somebody in the thing, which nobody really cares about.

  • It Should Sound Contradictive

You should pay attention to your topic formulation. It can be presented in form of alternative question (“Should Marijuana Be Legalized or Not?”) or any other questions, that provokes a reader to occupy a certain position (“Is It Good to Take Animals at Zoos?”).

  1. The Set of Arguments

In order to write a good argumentative essay, you should definitely include more than 1 or 2 arguments on your point of view. Here are the requirements to the arguments for the argumentative essay:

  • Arguments Need to Be Relevant

The arguments you have involved need to have the direct connection with the issue you are talking about. This will make them clear and strong.

  • Arguments Need to Be Well-Supported

All the arguments should be supported by illustrations and examples to be shown clearly.

  • Arguments Should Have the Strong Basis

Your own thought is not a good basis. It is necessary to build your argumentation on the strong theoretical and evidential basis with the links to reliable academic sources and famous theories on the issue.

  1. The Appropriate Structure

Probably, there is no need to remind, that each essay needs to have an introduction, a body part and a conclusion. Argumentative essays are not exceptional from this point of view. However, there are some demands to the body part. Here are the structural ideas on how to write an argumentative essay logically.

  • Two Parts: Pro et Contra

The argumentative essay is always two-sided to some extent. It does not only convince that you are right, but shows the weak sides of the opposite opinions. Therefore, you essay can have 2 blocks: arguments pro your approach and arguments contra the opinions of others.

  • An Inner Dialog

Another idea on how to write an argumentative essay is to structure it in form of dialog. This means that you should place each argument contra after each argument for. This will create an impression of logical scales and will reflect the process of making a decision. Obviously, the last paragraphs should deal with the arguments to support your point, showing that there are much more reasonable arguments on that.

  • One Paragraph = One Argument

No matter which is the size of your essay, you should separate each single argument into a separate paragraph in order to avoid any confusion.

The Way Out of Confusion

In case you feel stuck or you do not understand how to write an argumentative essay, we will be glad to assign an expert for your help.

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