How to write an argumentative essay well?

Argumentative writing can be really useful for students as it develops persuasive skills, which they will need not only in college but later in your life. There are three specific features that influence the quality of argumentative writing: clear and brief manner, precision in facts and terms, and grounding the arguments on evidences. Our article will provide you steps to follow in order to get a successful result.

  1. 1.       Title of the argumentative essay.

The title should briefly represent a summation of the essay. It should be catchy and concise. Sometimes it is more convenient to create a title in the very end as it depends on your final argument.

  1. 2.       Introduction.
  • Every good introduction starts with a “hook” for the reader. It is a sentence or two that can grab the attention and make them read the paper till the very end.

There are several strategies of getting the interest of the audience. One of them is to ask the question, which will be resolved in the paper. Also, you can provide here a curious unknown fact or a saying of the famous person. However, make sure that the hook matches your topic and arguments.

Also, the hook should be a transition to your thesis statement.

  • The thesis statement is typically one or two sentences that accumulate the main idea of your writing. Also, the thesis is considered to be a map to your essay as it should briefly indicate the basic reasons for your position.
  • The introductory part should take only one paragraph and not more than half of a page.
  1. 3.       Body paragraphs.
  • Usually a body paragraph begins with a topical sentence which is a statement of an argument and predicts how you will use the paragraph’s evidences to support your idea. Other sentences in the paragraph defend your argument and provide the reader with examples for it.
  • Remember that one paragraph should represent one particular argument. Do not try to say too much in one paragraph but rather separate the information in two distinct parts.
  • Approximately each body paragraph should take about half of a page. However, if you feel that you must write more or less you can do it but make sure that there enough supporting points for each argument and every paragraph represents one spot.
  1. 4.       Conclusion for the argumentative paper.
  • One of the conclusions functions is to provide a summary of the main facets you have covered in the paper.
  • Also, you have to raise broader ideas in the concluding part and set your key argument in it. Try to think about parallels to other issues, times, or places.
  • It is a good idea to explicate a lesson to the readers that can be drawn from your arguments.
  • In case you have revealed some new areas for investigation you can write about them in the conclusion and in this way settle a perspective for the reader and yourself.
  • Be thoughtful and creative. This is how you will be able to build an original and meaningful essay.

We have presented some basic recommendations for structuring the argumentative paper. Good luck!

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