How to write an essay?

Essay is an assignment, which has a lot of types. However, there are some requirements, which need to be followed while writing any kind of essay.

In fact, professors ask their students to write essays, because they perfectly show the level of understanding of a certain issue and the level of writing and analyzing skills development. However, only good essay gets high grade.

Thus, the question occurs: how to write an essay properly?

Actually, the answer to this question can be quite long and it still won’t be full and concrete. In addition to structural demands, requirements of proper point, paper formatting, absence of grammatical mistakes etc, there are some more specific hints, which help to make your essay better. Indeed, following the common requirements will help you to write a normal essay, but in order to complete a paper to surprise your professor you need to do something special in a good way.

So, take care of clear structure of your essay. It is to have 3 major parts: introduction to your issue, body part, which contains your points of view, arguments, features etc. and conclusion (what you have found out or summarizing of your main points). There should be at least 3 body paragraphs, 1 for introduction, and 1 for conclusion. All those paragraphs need to be in a strict order indicated above and be well-connected one with another with the help of some linking sentences.

This is a common 5 paragraphs structure, which is the simplest and often followed by High School students. However, if you are a College or University student, you should better expand this structure. No more paragraphs are needed for conclusion or introduction, but some additions are possible for body part. You should remember that adding a paragraph means adding a new idea, so this expansion will be logical and motivated.

Sources of an essay are an important part and in order to format your essay properly one has to be aware of requirements of paper format/ citation styles. There are different demands to different types of references, so in order not to be accused in plagiarism, you should be aware of all the details.

As we have already mentioned, a decent essay, which deserves a high grade, needs to have something special, that makes it better than all the common essays written according to standards. The thing, that can make a paper better, is mostly the personal approach to essay writing. When we tell “personal approach”, we do not only mean including of personal opinion. In fact, you can show your being extraordinary even in structuring of your paper or in word choice. These things will make your paper vivid and reader (your professor as well) will be interested in this text.

Another good thing to improve your paper is including examples, illustrations and graphical elements. Furthermore, you should not limit yourself: if you think that some example is suitable, but it comes from the other scientific field or even from your personal everyday life, do not hesitate to talk about it in your paper.

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