Some Useful Tips on How to Write an Essay about Yourself

It is not easy to critically review yourself in an essay and write a good and full paper. You also won`t be able to take any essay of this kind as an example, since the topic is too specific. Therefore, we offer you a few tips to find out how to write an essay about yourself perfectly!


Steps to Write an Essay about Yourself

To ease your task and to avoid situations of your getting stuck while writing, here are the steps to follow.


Step #1: Pre-Writing

Actually instead of searching some information at libraries, what you do for other papers, you should look at yourself critically. The brainstorming will be the best idea for this. Think of the features and stories you want to include to your essay and write them down in a chaotic order. Write as much as you can, as this will be helpful further.

Step #2: Outline Your Ideas

After you are done with the previous step, try to group your ideas. Think over how you are going to link them one to another and complete an outline. Remember to have introduction with telling who you are and conclusion, specifying your main features. It is important to know that one feature or one group of similar features should take no more than 1 paragraph.

Step #3: Start Writing Your Draft

When you have an outline, it is much easier to write a paper. Just follow the outline point by point, explaining each feature or statement with one paragraph of text. Be concise, cover the issue with no odd materials and provide examples and illustrations to clarify your point.

Step #4: Revise and Proofread

Do not forget about final editing of your paper! Being too lazy to read it again can cause the deduction of grade due to minor mistakes. It will be a shame, won`t it?


Principles of Proper Writing an Essay about Yourself

If you want to improve your skills regarding how to write an essay about yourself, you should be aware of the main principles of such an essay writing.

  • Truth-Telling

The best essay about yourself is not the one, which has the most of good features and no bad ones. Obviously, such essay won`t be trustworthy, as there is completely no ideal people. Do not feel shy to talk about your minuses, as admitting them is the key to their removing.

  • Writing Clearly

While writing an essay about yourself you should remember, that you write for people, who don`t know you. Therefore, all should be explained well and clearly. If you mention someone`s name, you should tell, who that person is.

  • Coherency

The text should form a good and well-structured whole, giving the full impression about you. Therefore, take care about your paragraphs all serving the same aim of your essay. Each paragraph should be suitable for the previous and the next one.


How Can We Help?

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