How to Write an Introduction for an Essay: Steps and Rules to Follow

It is always difficult to start an essay. Most students simply get stuck on the very beginning, as they have a lot to say, but do not know how to begin. Here are the steps for you to follow if you are about to create an introduction for an essay.


Step 1: Hook Your Reader

The best way to start your introduction is to write a hook. What is a hook for an essay? It is the first sentence or two, to attract attention and make your reader interested to proceed with reading. A hook is to be somehow related to the essay’s main topic. If you do not have any idea for the hook, here are some suggestions for you:

  1. An interesting fact (including numbers will make it more effective).
  2. A proverb.
  3. A story.


Step 2: Explain the Importance

It will also be good to tell, why this topic is worth writing about. To make your words stronger you can include examples. Do not say some common things: the more specific you are – the more interesting your text will be.


Step 3: Give the Background Information

To introduce your essay (what is actually the main aim of essay introduction) you should make your reader aware of the background for your particular issue. Be specific and concise. Giving the detailed information will make your introduction too long, and this is not good. Here you can briefly tell about the context of the issue. The way you write this part closely depends on your particular topic and subject.


Step 4: Mention the Other Researchers (optional)

Tell about other scientists, who were working on this issue and wrote some articles, books etc. dealing with it. Give the names and titles, add a few words about and do not forget to cite them properly.


Step 5: Write a Thesis Statement

To crown up your introduction write a strong thesis statement. Remember, that thesis statement shows your specific approach to the topic. It is also a sentence to link your introduction with the body text of your essay.


Revise your introduction adding some linking sentences between the information provided to make an idea flow logical and you are done!


HOWEVER You Should Also Remember about Some “DO NOT”s:


    1. DO NOT Write a Lot

Your introduction is to be short and have just a few sentences. The actual size of introduction depends on the size of the whole essay and usually takes around 10% from it.


    2. DO NOT Include the Main Information

Remember, that introduction is not the place for your main findings. Your reader will learn about them from the body part. The main aim of introduction is just to introduce and nothing more.


    3. DO NOT Separate Your Introduction Stylistically

It is important to know that introduction also introduces the tone of your essay. Therefore, it cannot be humoristic if you are going talk about some serious issue in the body. Also, it cannot be too serious for a common topic etc.


    4. DO NOT Write Just Random Introduction

If you do not know how to write an introduction for an essay, but you want to create a good impression with your text – ask for help. There is nothing bad in searching for improvement. Our company will be glad to provide you with the professional academic writer as assistant.

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