How to write an SAT essay well?

There are three main factors, which you should consider when writing an SAT essay: your point of view on the issue, ability to present ideas in a clear and coherent manner and accurate use of language. The SAT essay is a part of a writing test, which is why you are limited in time and space for writing. Thus, we recommend you to learn the requirements and practice your writing in advance. Our article will provide you with most essential directions and strategies for effective essay writing.

Why do you need to write the essay in the test?

  • The SAT essay requires a student to demonstrate his or her position on the issue presented in an excerpt.
  • It measures the student’s ability to develop ideas and support them by the relevant evidence and reasons.
  • You must show your knowledge and understanding of the written English rules.

Some tips before your begin.

  • Your essay must be written in pencil. Remember that papers written in ink are not applicable.
  • The essay that does not correspond to the topic will receive zero.
  • The essays are always written on the separate answer sheet not in the test book.
  • Make sure that you develop your own opinion and do not copy the essay either completely or partially. Plagiarized papers will get a zero score.
  • Mind that you will have only 25 minutes for writing the essay. Thus, manage your time wisely and do not forget to leave few minutes for proofreading your work.

Writing strategy for a successful SAT essay.

  • First of all, read the assignment attentively. Do not skip any parts of it as it may reflect on your essay and, therefore, on the score for it.

Each task consists of the specific issue or of the excerpt from the book. The name of the author and book are always given, thus, you should think what you know about them in general.

  • After you have read your assignment you must take a position – agree or disagree with the saying or paragraph given. Think what other ideas of your own you can develop on the issue and how you can prove them.
  • Remember that your essay is not scored for its lengthiness. Rule “the more the better” does not work here.
  • Make sure that each your example is full do not cut is in order to move faster to the next idea. If you reduce it too much it may lose its sense at all.
  • Take your time to explain the example properly. The best way is to bring up one or two reasons with a good explanation.
  • The SAT essay allows using first person in writing. As you are asked for your personal opinion there is nothing wrong in using “I”.
  • You have to support your ideas substantially and use language skillfully.

These are some guidelines for writing the SAT essay well. Make sure that you follow these steps:

  • Being consistent;
  • Addressing the task;
  • Writing in a precise and clear manner;
  • Set the ideas in the logical order;
  • Follow the conventions given.

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