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Writing is an essential component of academic education, which requires a student to concentrate all his skills and knowledge and create a coherent writing piece. An essay is one of the smallest genres of academic writing and is assigned for students in order to get their personal response of position regarding some issue. Our article is about the reasons why you should love writing essays and how to make this process easy and enjoyable.

Why to love writing essays?

  • An essay as the academic writing genre allows you to take part in scholar communication. Basically, it is a small form of writing but you can demonstrate your position on important issue in it.
  • The essay teaches you how to write effectively. When you are completing the essay you are learning how to interest your reader, develop your position and support it, which is to prove that your opinion is valid and worth attention.
  • By the means of writing you will acquire a good skill of structuring your thoughts. Every essay must have a good structure that makes the writer’s position possible for understanding. Here you will learn how to make your focus and narrow a general question into a certain aspect.
  • The essay is your chance to demonstrate your knowledge to your professor and other possible readers. Not always you have a opportunity to speak out about your views, so this is a right time to reveal them.
  • Writing the essay will let you improve or earn good grades in the subject. Usually you have enough time to prepare the writing piece, which is why this is the chance to do your best in order to achieve the highest scores.

How to make a writing process easy and enjoyable?

Despite all the advantages of the essay writing you may find this process time-consuming, boring, or difficult. In order to avoid stressful situations with completing your paper you should follow our pieces of advice:

  • To save your time, grade and nerves from re-writing your paper several times check your assignment from the very beginning. The essay prompts, guidelines and briefs are created to inform you what you are expected to do.
  • Except for topic, you should also mind the type of essay assigned (critical, comparative, analysis, reaction paper, descriptive writing and so on) and learn the basic requirements of that particular kind of writing.
  • In order for the writing process not get you bored we recommend to select the topic that is interesting for you or which you have an experience in. In case the tutor has given a certain topic you should try to find an aspect of it that can be exciting.
  • Do not avoid research step in pre-writing process. It is not only the activity, which will let you fill your paper with worthy facts and examples but also this is how you will acquire new knowledge useful and interesting for you.
  • To be sure about your grade you should pay attention and time to revising stage. Here you have to re-read the essay several times. Revision usually includes proofreading – fixing different kinds of errors, polishing the writing style and refining a thesis statement.

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