Ideas for descriptive essay: topics and basic guidelines.

Descriptive essay is a piece of writing that requires the student to present a clear and detailed image about the particular subjects. Main requirements to the essays of this type are the detailed character, referring to different senses of the reader, sound impressive and use metaphoric language. Your first aim here is to depict the subject is the way you feel and see it so your readers will get similar impressions as well. One more essential piece of advice from us is that you should be careful with choosing the topic. Our article will provide you with some good ideas for descriptive essay topics and will teach how to complete this paper successfully.

How to write a descriptive essay.

  • First of all, you should know which topic to select for your description. We recommend you to choose the one:
  • That is familiar to you, so you can write something special that has not been notices by anyone else yet.
  • That has complex nature. It is possible to describe plain subjects but you will really need to put huge amount of efforts in order to make them interesting for the audience. That is why you can select the subject that has many parts, stages or steps so you will really have what to write about.
  • That is exciting for you. Most people really consider descriptions one of the boring things to read. Thus, your task is to break this stereotype and to complete the paper, which will impress the reader. For this matter, you should find the topic that you are passionate about and try to share your passion with the reader.
  • An introductory paragraph must provide the general insight and definitely the reasons for your writing about the particular subject and the readers getting interested in your paper.
  • Throughout your paper you have to refer to the reader’s senses providing various sensual images. This will make your essay more vivid and impressive.
  • You should try writing in metaphoric language. Moreover, do your best to invent your own metaphor. Think about some figurative associations with your subject of descriptions, what it looks, smells, tastes or sounds like. The brighter your metaphors are the more chances you have to surprise the reader.

Topic for the descriptive essay.

  • Your hometown.
  • The place that you used to visit often in your childhood.
  • Your grandparent’s house.
  • Your classroom.
  • Your room.
  • The ideal house.
  • Perfect place to live.
  • Perfect place for vacation.
  • The best place to spend a weekend.
  • A place where you like to study.
  • The library hall.
  • Your school/ college/ university.

1.Describing events

  • Best vacation ever.
  • Your summer or winter holidays.
  • Christmas time.
  • A special day for your family.
  • Your first day at school/ college
  • Your best birthday party.
  • The worst birthday party that you have been to.
  • The surprise party for your friend.

2.Describing people

  • Your parents
  • The best teacher that you had
  • A person that inspire you
  • A person that you would like to follow
  • Your best friend.

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