Informal essay: topics and writing help

An informal essay is a piece of writing that can be also called a personal or familiar essay and usually is written as a personal response to some question or a reaction on an issue. There are some main features of the informal essay: it is brief, provides writer’s reflections and does not have a set structure. Here we will provide you with the main rules of writing the informal essay and some good topics for it.

How to write the informal essay?

  • The informal essay is typically writing in the form of the response about the subject, which you are familiar with. Mainly, you are supposed to provide your personal reflections and do not care too much about the essay’s structure as it is not defined.
  • The informal essay is really confortable for writing as it does not have any special rules that must be followed. You do not need to divide the paper into introductory part, main body and conclusion but have an opportunity to arrange your thoughts in the way that you find convenient and suitable for this matter.
  • You can omit providing a clear thesis statement and decide by your own about the order of the thoughts, which you write.
  • Although you are not restricted in the word count these type of paper usually appears to be short.
  • You are allowed to use any person in writing the informal essay. Also, you can contract words (e.g., it’s, don’t etc.)
  • The informal essay response will let you use colloquial words so you are able not to filter your writing to much from every day speech expressions. Usually informal papers are written in a friendly tone.
  • Typically, if you are writing an informal essay you know the audience and the best methods to get its attention. You can rely on the personal experience and connections when completing the informal paper.

Topics for informal essays.

Here are some topics commonly assigned for informal essays.

  • The best trip abroad.
  • The features that I appreciate in my friend.
  • The things, which I would like to fix in my past.
  • The best book I have ever read.
  • The book that changed my view on the world.
  • The person that inspires me.
  • The best teacher in my studying career.
  • My first day in college.
  • Bad examples given by celebrities.
  • The perfect wife or husband.
  • A perfect human: how do you see him/her?
  • My attitude to marriage.
  • My beliefs.
  • Influence of religion on my lifestyle and world view.
  • Impact of divorce on children upbringing.
  • Is racism still actual issue?
  • Woman discrimination: does it exist nowadays?
  • Should parent give pocket money to their children?
  • My favorite dish at school cafeteria.
  • The budget of modern student.
  • How do you manage your time?
  • The best methods of time management.
  • A celebrity that inspired me.
  • A famous person that I would like to look like.
  • The perfect weekend.
  • The best holiday in my life.
  • Which social problem is the most sharp for you?
  • How do you spend time with family?
  • Best sports to go into.
  • My greatest loss.
  • If you lived in previous century.
  • The most important invention.

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