Love essay: topics and writing tips

If you get an assignment to write an essay about love you do not have to worry at all as this topic can be really modified in different directions. Basically, you can write about your beloved person, love to friends, family or any close to you teachers. If you do not feel like sharing this kind of privacy you can write about love in general, its philosophical or social meaning. Some scientists see love as a biological process only so you can explain this position, as well, or disapprove it. You can write about love to people, love to things, and love to doing something. One more good idea is taking a quotation about love as your topic because it will let you support your position by authoritative opinion of others. Check our love topic list and find the one for you.

Topics about love:

Love to people:

  • Should we love our enemies?
  • Love is blindness.
  • Why is the edge between love and friendship considered to be slight?
  • Love and friendship: comparison.
  • What do we need more love or friendship?
  • The person I would never fall in love with.
  • How should we treat our beloved?
  • How do you show love to your parents?
  • Love to pets: is it the same as love to people?
  • How often do you fall in love?
  • Teenage love.
  • Narcissism.
  • Love to children.
  • Parent’s love.

Love to things:

  • Is love to money harmful?
  • People that love working.
  • Can love to things be more than love to people?
  • What do you love doing most of all?
  • Love to art.

Love as a moral and social quality.

  • What is love in religious meaning?
  • Which religions are built on love?
  • The understanding of love in different cultures.
  • Understanding of love in different religions: comparative analysis.
  • Was love the same as now 100 years ago?
  • How is love shown in art?
  • Love and violence: can it co-exist in family?
  • Love to life: does it help to survive?
  • Dangers of teenage love.
  • Suicides on love basis.
  • Do you like better to give love or get loved?

Scientific point of view on love.

  • Love as a biological process.
  • Love in chemistry.
  • Is love only a chemical process in our bodies?
  • Science of love.
  • What does make you fall in love?
  • Why do some people fall in love more than others?
  • How is love different to flirting?
  • Which hormones are the components of love?
  • Do you know any love blockers?
  • Art of loving.
  • Psychological point of view on love.
  • Love as mechanism of promotion parental support.
  • Scientific models of love.

Love in its philosophical and cultural meanings.

  • Love in ancient Greece.
  • Love in Eastern cultures.
  • Is American concept of love different to European one?
  • How did ancient Persian poets show love?
  • Love in ancient Rome and ancient Greece: comparative analysis.
  • Love in Japanese culture.

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