Mass media essay topics and writing tips.

Your essay on mass media, to a large extent, depends on two main factors: the type of essay you are going to complete and the aspect you select for discussing. Mass media is a topic involving numerous facets, such as communication, masses, mass managements, information, or sources, so you can be sure to find an angle to view the issue suitable for you. Here is a topic list for mass media essays and some helpful writing tips for you.

Mass media essay topics:

Definition essay:

  • What is mass media: its origin and components?
  • Definition paper on mass communication.
  • Media technologies.
  • The difference between mass and mainstream.
  • Mass and local media: defining the concepts.
  • Movie as a genre of mass media.
  • Social mass media.
  • What is broadcasting?
  • Video games as one of mass media genres.
  • Journalism as a part of mass media.
  • Internet and mass media.
  • Definition of a blog.
  • Books, magazines and newspapers as parts of mass media.

Critical analysis essay on mass media.

  • Review of a bestseller.
  • Your favorite magazine review.
  • Critical analysis of the popular newspaper article.
  • Critical review of the most popular newspaper in your country/city/ community.
  • Critical review of the top film of this year.
  • The film that did not gain popularity: critical analysis.
  • Documentary film about economic issues.

Expository essay about mass media.

  • Can mass media manage people?
  • The top issues raised in modern mass media.
  • Mass media stereotypes: do they exist and how do they influence us?
  • Journalism as an essential component of mass media.
  • Mass media in the Internet: the issues of trust and truth.
  • Yellow press and tabloids.
  • History of mass media development.
  1. Personal / response essay.
  • Which genres of mass media should disappear?
  • Is radio still an effective source of mass media?
  • Does mass media have an impact on your private life?
  • Do you feel the need of using Internet every day?
  • Can mass media extinct?
  • What would we do if mass media did not exist?
  • Your ways of using mass media.
  • Is mass media a part of your daily life?

Comparative essay on mass media.

  • Internet and television: what is more effective and why?
  • How newspaper can be more useful than TV program?
  • Print media versus Outdoor media: pros and cons of both.
  • TV program and magazine: similar and distinctive features.
  • Stereotypes in mass media: do they stay the same or change?
  • Public relationships and journalism: should we have this distinction?
  • Racism in media in 20th century and nowadays: did the situation improve?
  • What is more effective: audio recording or filming?
  • Comparison of mass media and mainstream.
  • Local media and mass information.

Writing tip: When completing a paper about mass media make sure that you use relevant and up-to-date sources since it is a sphere that develops rapidly. Try comparing information from various sources – this is how you will be able to identify your own position on the issue.

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