Learn How to Cope with Persuasive Speech on Media Violence Step by Step

Persuasive speech is a good mean to make people think over important social issues. Thus, writing a persuasive speech on media violence will be a good step to fixing the effect media has on people, and, especially, on children. It is unbelievable, how trivial things can change the modern life!


Steps of Writing a Persuasive Speech on Media Violence

Here are the basic steps to be followed while writing a persuasive speech on media violence.


Step #1: Choose Your Audience

When writing a persuasive speech it is always important to understand and interact with your audience. Thus, you should clearly outline it. You can be aimed on children, who fall into effect of media violence, or talk to their parents to improve control of what their children watch. One can apply to government to introduce a certain censorship through a persuasive speech. Remember, that the type of audience will have a big influence on the content of your persuasive speech, the means of convincing and the facts touched upon.


Step #2: Select the Side

Before you actually start writing your speech, read, what other scientists have written on media violence. You should feel that you know everything on this issue. After you get all the theoretical information, you will take a certain side and you will be able to support it qualitatively.


Step #3: Choose the Persuasive Means

Now you should think about how you are going to convince your audience. Unlike argumentative, a persuasive speech applies not only to logics of listeners, but to their emotions as well. You can use the method of a hidden conclusion, when you make everything for your listener to reach the conclusion you want, but finally, you do not name it. Thus, your audience thinks, that this was their own finding. Real life dramatic examples also help to clarify your point through the emotional influence.


Step #4: Make Sure Your Persuasive Speech Is Clear

It is important to remember, that a persuasive speech is usually delivered orally. Oral text has a lot of differences from the written one. First of all, your persuasive speech should have a clear 3 part structure, and the body paragraphs should be short and with nothing odd in them. The sentences should have maximally two clauses. All this will contribute to the certainty of your persuasive speech on media violence and to its being more effective.


Additional Hints for a Perfect Persuasive Speech on Media Violence

Here are a few tips, which may help you to deliver a perfect speech on media violence.

1. Narrow Your Topic

Even though the topic “Media Violence” sounds rather contradictive by itself, you should better make it narrower and appropriate for persuasive writing. It will be a good idea to formulate it as a question (“Does Media Violence Lead to the Consequences in Real Life?”) or put an emphasis on two ways of issue understanding through an alternative question (“Should We Learn on How to Deal with Media Violence or Is It Not worth of Our Attention?”). Such formulation already create a tone of discussion.

2. Look Globally

If you do not have a short word limit, you can analyze this issue and fighting with media violence in other countries. Also, it is possible to review causes and effects of media violence through different spheres.

3. Ask for Help

If you feel that you are not capable to complete a perfect persuasive speech on media violence, you should better give up struggling and order with EssayCheap.Us!

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