Pro con research paper topics.

Nothing in the world is one-sided: every issue, every subject, process or event has different facets and can be viewed from absolutely diverse positions. Moreover, versatility lies not only in the nature of subject but more in our ability to reveal various aspects of. All things considered, everything in this world has its pros and cons. Our article will provide you with the number of topics for writing a pro and con research paper.

Law topics.

  • Punishment for people that abuse animals.
  • The limits of police brutality.
  • Censorship in printed media: should it exist?
  • Boundaries for censorship on television.
  • Should social media be censored?
  • Age limitation for video games.
  • Exotic animals as pets: advantages and disadvantages.
  • Should plastic surgery be prohibited for advertising?
  • Should drug testing be mandatory for the recipients of medical aid?
  • Should government prohibit parents to spank their children?
  • Human trafficking.
  • Pros and cons of adopting children.
  • Should emigration be regulated more strictly?

Topics about entertainment.

  • Unbiased media: pros and cons.
  • Should art works be censored?
  • Is there a place for censorship in literature?
  • Basing maturity on age.
  • Advertising of alcohol: should it be limited?
  • Hip-hop culture: positive and negative effects on youth.
  • Should government prohibit violent video games?
  • Why is smoking banned in public places?
  • Profession of paparazzi.

Topics about education.

  • Advantages and disadvantages of wearing school uniform.
  • Should groups at schools be formed on basis of age, knowledge level or interests?
  • Sports at school: should we dedicate more time to it?
  • Healthy lifestyle advertising at colleges.
  • Should parents take part in students’ education?
  • Reducing fine arts in schooling: pros and cons.
  • Should children choose subjects by their own?
  • Banning mobile phones at schools: advantages and disadvantages.
  • Internet accessibility at high school: pros and cons.
  • Pro and con of learning fine arts.
  • Should history be a mandatory subject for all students?
  • Should students at schools get a nutrition plan?
  • The best week schedule: three, four or five days per week?
  • Attending private schools: pros and cons.
  • Regulations of racism at school.
  • Is university education necessary for everyone?
  • Should students have longer vacations at schools?
  • Studying whole year round: pros and cons.
  • Positive and negative sides of homeschooling.

Topics about health and medical care.

  • Should euthanasia be prohibited?
  • Dental care as a mandatory part of health insurance: advantages and disadvantages.
  • Pros and cons of organ donation.
  • Prohibiting junk food by law: pros and cons.
  • Should products have warning signs?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of using bicycle helmets.
  • Positive and negative effects of caffeine.
  • Drinking coffee: pros and cons.
  • Should we use alternative medicine more widely?
  • Ethical issues of abortion.
  • Assisted suicide.
  • Positive and negative sides of electronic cigarettes.
  • Elderly people exercising: positive and harmful effects for health.
  • Genetically modified organism: dangers and favors.
  • Should medical assurance be mandatory for tourist?

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