Research Paper on Cell Phones: Interesting Suggestions

Cell phones is a vitally necessary thing for a modern person to stay in touch with close people, business partners and always get updated in time. Therefore, there can be a lot of topic to write a research paper on cell phones on. Here are a few ideas for you and hints on how to meet the common demands.


The Common Demands to a Research Paper

Before we start giving the ideas for research papers on a certain topic, let`s reminds the main requirements to a research papers in brief. A research paper needs to have abstract, an introduction, the part describing the methods of research, results of the research having been carried out, discussion of the results, and conclusion. Thus, as we can see from the structural demands, one needs to find a narrow issue to research on and get some findings about the issue.


Subjects to Write On

Obviously, the approach to a research paper depends on the subject you have got an assignment on.


  • Research Paper on Cell Phones on Sociology

As we have already mentioned, cell phones have a certain sociological significance, as they support the social communication. Thus, you may try to evaluate this significance. To do this, you may develop a questionnaire to find out how many days people may live without their phones. It is also possible to make a sociological experiment trying to take people`s phones for a day or two and see what happens. The research results should later be analyzed and you may say, how important cell-phones are for a modern person.


  • Research Paper on Cell Phones on Engineering

Surely, your interests will be quite different if you are an engineering expert. Thus, you can carry out a research on what innovations are the most popular recently, or how the cell-phones changed for the next few years. You may be quite detailed and cover the in-depth information about the way the cell-phone is made or the way it works. It is also possible to look at the functions it performs and compare the main functions with the main functions of cell phones of past. Do not forget to make your own conclusions.


  • Research Paper on Cell Phones on Marketing

Modern cell phones on the market are the strong competitors. To get more buyers, companies do the well-developed marketing plans to attract attention and win the competition for a customer. You may do the comparison of the marketing and advertisements of for example Apple and Samsung to get the results about the similarities and differences, and strong or weak points. It is also possible to do a SWOT analysis of their actions etc.


  • Research Paper on Cell Phones from the View of Business Studies

Business is always interesting to research on, as you may learn a lot of success or failures of others. If we talk about cell phones, we can also analyze the business of cell-phones production and sales. It is better to work with reports or reliable sources to get the data for analysis. You should be exact and your words should better be supported by numbers.


More Information for Research Papers on Your Topic

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