Sartre Essay: Writing about an Extra-Ordinary Personality

Jean-Paul Sartre is a famous French philosopher and novelist. As he is an important figure in history of Literature and Philosophy, you may be required to write an essay about him. Check the directions, which may be followed in writing a Sartre essay.


Themes You Can Write About in the Sartre Essay

Jean-Paul Sartre was an extra-ordinary personality, so whatever aspect of his life and creative work you select, you will be able to write a good and interesting essay.

          1. Sartre and Philosophy of Existentialism

If you are studying Philosophy, you should better write about the Philosophy of Sartre and his main concepts. It is a well-known fact that he developed the Philosophy of existentialism. However, as we can see from his works, he had some specific opinions and specifications to this theory. You can write an essay telling how Sartre is related to existentialism and support your opinion using his written works. It is also possible to deeply review his main concepts.

          2. Sartre as a Child of His Time

It is also possible to write about the place of Sartre in French history. He was never ignorant concerning the events, which were taking place in his country and actively expressed his social position. Therefore, we can claim, that historical events had a great influence on his philosophy and written works. A good cause and effect essay can be written on such a topic.

          3. Sartre and a Nobel Prize

There is an interesting fact that Jean-Paul Sartre once refused to get the Nobel Prize. How he explained this? How does winning a prize contradict his main principles? Why did a literary figure refuse any further creating of literary works? The answers to all of these questions will be definitely interesting for your reader, so include them to your essay clearly and with good explanations and examples.

          4. Contribution of Sartre to Literature

Here we can talk about the masterpieces created by Sartre in Literature field. It is possible to overview all of his novels, plays, and short stories in general, or select one of his works for an in-depth analysis. It will be a good idea to write a critical lens essay on such a topic, having selected a Sartre`s saying as a critical lens and his works as examples to be reviewed.

Another idea is to write about how the ideas of Sartre have been developed by his followers, what will clearly show his contribution to the literary process.


Hints for a Better Sartre Essay

To make sure your Sartre essay is well-written, follow the next advice:

          1. Use Reliable Sources

There are a lot of sources dedicated to research of Sartre, his life and philosophy. Also, it is necessary to check the translations of Sartre`s works to understand him better. All the sources should be reliable. The usage of information from them with proper citation will make your essay more academic and informative.

          2. Make Sure You Understand Before Including Your Personal Opinion

A personal opinion on the topic is to be included to an A grade essay. However, your personal point of view perfectly shows your level of awareness. Make sure that you understand what kind of personality was Sartre and that you are aware of philosophy of existentialism to include your opinion.

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