School Uniforms VS No School Uniforms: Writing on Contradictory Issues

There is a constant contradiction between all people struggling for equality and, at the same time, wanting to stay specific and original. The issue of school uniforms reflects this contradiction to some extent. That is why there are a lot of unfinished discussions on school uniforms vs no school uniforms.


Issues to Deal with

Talking about school uniforms we should look at this issue from various points of view. The multi-aspect review contributes to an in-depth analysis and valid argumentation.

       1. Codification

The main question is: should school uniforms wearing be a general and commonly accepted thing? If so, the introducing of school uniforms should be analyzed from the Law aspect. Does this contradicts constitution of the country we are talking about? Is this a violation against people`s basic rights?

       2. Sociology

As school uniforms are aimed on creation of a strong microsociety, it will be a good idea to check the sociological background of the problem. They say, that school uniform increase the social differentiation between students of different schools etc.

       3. Psychology

In some cases school uniforms helps students to feel more comfortable, and in other cases it may cause some psychological rejection. Everyone is a personality, and it will be practically impossible to make everyone satisfied. Nevertheless, the aim of any school is to bring up a good and original personality.

       4. Philosophy

A freedom to make a choice has a philosophical nature. Therefore, you may found a deep philosophical background for the issue to be analyzed.

       5. Education

School uniform should be the part of education process. Thus, you can think of how school uniform influences the educational process of students and if it has some negative consequences in sphere of education.


Tell or Argue

Before you start writing an essay on school uniforms vs no uniforms, you should make a choice of a writing mode.

       1. Explanation

It is possible just to explain the issue, its conditions, some facts etc. In this case you do not need to take a certain side.

       2. Argumentation

School uniforms issue is a good topic for argumentative writing. You are to select a certain side and logically support it for others to believe you.

       3. Persuading

There is a small difference between an argumentative and persuasive writing. In case you are working on a persuasive essay/speech, you should also include some techniques for an emotional influence on your audience (reader). Thus, audience needs to be taken into account.

       4. Opinion Writing

Also, you may express your opinion about school uniforms. Telling your opinion in this case does not mean to convince anybody or even take into account any opposite thoughts. All you do is just tell what you think.


Words and Word Combinations to Be Used

Here are the words you should better deal with writing a school uniforms vs no uniforms essay: originality, community, self-expression, human right, choice, and social differentiation, moral and social contradictions etc.


Help with School Uniforms Essay

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