Surrealism Essay: Important Things to Cover

This is a common fact that surrealism is hard to be understood. This causes the big difficulties in writing a surrealism essay. To get some helpful advice you can read the text below.


Surrealism: What Is This?

Surrealism is a movement in Art and Literature. The basic concepts used are illusion, paradox, and illogic. Surrealism is based on the unconscious expressions of our personality. It rejects materialism, considering it to imprison the human`s personality. Therefore, we can determine two major aspects of surrealism, which should be taken into account while writing a surrealism essay.

  • Surrealism in Literature
  • Surrealism in Art


Surrealism: History of the Movement

If you are writing a general essay about surrealism, it is necessary to mention, who has introduced it to the art history. Thus, you are to mention the name of Andre Breton and briefly tell some facts from his biography, which are important for understanding of his outlook. It is important to review the historical context and conditions what lead to the development of surrealism.


Place of Surrealism among Other Art Movements and Its Roots

The surrealism is an important step in the art development process. Therefore, you may compare its philosophy to the philosophy of others movements to show the similarities and principal differences. Also, surrealism outlook has not appeared from nowhere, thus you can talk about its roots from Intuitivism, Freudianism and eastern mystical-religious theories.



Depending on the assignment instructions, you may also be required to analyze the art heritage of a certain surrealism writer or artist. To understand specific ideas of a certain person, you should better look back to his biography, to his relations to other artists/writers, who may have influenced his ideas. Also, you are to tell which works were produced by him and how his ideas were expressed in them. Obviously, there cannot be examples of the pure surrealism, but still under this issue you can mention Salvador Dali, Guillaume Apollinaire, Louis Aragon and others.


Certain Works

The most specific and narrow assignment regarding surrealism is to analyze a specific work. Such a surrealism essay will mostly include your personal opinion and show your level of awareness and understanding of this issue. To perform a better essay, check who the author of the work suggested is and read about his other works and major ideas. It will be much easier to look for a certain features if you know what actually you should look for. Link your essay to the work reviewed. If you are talking about the literary work, include the in-text direct quotes.



Surrealism is an issue of the past, however, some elements of it could be observed in the following artists` and writer`s works. Some philosophical ideas of surrealism are kept by modern people of art as well, with some modifications. It will be interesting to see, how surrealism influenced the art process. Provide the examples from the art history to make your statements stronger.



You can understand surrealism or not. If you are not well conversant with its philosophy, you may read numerous sources and this won`t help much. To get the clear explanations in clear words, you can contact our art and literature experts, who will check your assignment and help you out.

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