The Best Friend Essay: What to Write about and How?

It is always difficult to write a best friend essay, because you need to create a full picture of character of the certain person. Moreover, the examples on the web won’t help much as your subject is specific. To overcome difficulties, check the following advice.


Aspects of Writing a Best Friend Essay

To create an effective essay about your best friend, you should mix a few types of essay writing.


  • A Descriptive Aspect

1. An Appearance

To tell about your friend, you should depict his appearance. It is up to you: you can tell a few words about each feature, which will take more text, or just mention the features, which are special and distinguishing. Remember the way the police creates a portrait: there are some features, which help to find a person easier (a beard, a tattoo, a mustache, a birthmark etc).

2. A Character

It is also important to include the traits of your friend’s character. We understand, that you like your friend, so you may see only good features. However, do not make him an ideal person. Write a two-sided text, where you also mention some weak and bad sides of your friend’s personality.


  • A Narrative Aspect

To make your essay more interesting, you can include some story elements to it. As you make a conclusion about your friend from the events having happened in past, you can include a few interesting stories. A person can be understood through his actions, so such short-stories will make it clearer for your reader to understand, what kind of person is your best friend. Furthermore, some stories can be funny, what will set the easy tone of your essay and make it interesting to read.


Hints for Better Structuring of Your Best Friend Essay

It is obvious, that your essay about the best friend as most of essays should have the common three parts: introduction, body and conclusion. However, as your essay is specific, there will be some specifications to what to include to that parts as well.


1.The Introduction

An introduction not only introduces your essay, but introduces your friend as a subject of writing. It is to include your friend’s name (it will serve as a title for the full picture created in imagination of your reader). Also, it is important to start your essay from an interesting hook. In this case a story hook will be a good choice. Tell the history of your relations (such facts as when you have met your friend, how long you know him and so on). You can briefly tell, how important is your best friend for you.


2.The Body of an Essay

A body should contain the description of your friend through giving the features and stories. Remember, that it won’t be good if you include all you know about him into just one paragraph. There can be at least 3 paragraphs having separate aspects, features etc.


3. The Conclusion

Here you will be required to make a general conclusion about what kind of person is your friend and why he is actually your best friend. Also, you can crown up your essay with some proverb and your attitude to it. For example: “They say that best friend makes you feel more comfortable in your life. Indeed, I know that Mike will always help me out and I am ready to help him in any tough case in life!”


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