The importance of essay writing.

You have probably wondered why you are assigned to write an essay/ report/ research paper/ review of the book or any other paper almost every week. It is true that this task usually takes more time than any other as it requires you to undergo all the necessary stages, like selecting the topic or interpreting the question, research, drafting and revising. However, if you understand the real value of essay writing you will be positive about having an opportunity to complete this task. We have prepared some answers to student’s question why they should write essays.

Essay helps to organize your thoughts.

  • Have you ever faced the issue when you know the answer to the question but cannot put it in words? This is a common problem, even not for students. Actually, it is the essay that will help you avoid this difficulty.
  • When you prepare for writing you must think about the given or chosen topic first and shape a coherent answer from the whole mass of thoughts and associations, which appear in your head. Basically, the same you should do while speaking out and giving an oral answer.
  • One more valuable point is that essay writing forces you to develop your ideas about the issue and formulate your position. Often you can get topics to write about, which existence you did not even imagine. Thus, you can broaden your outlook and learn a lot of new due to writing assignments.

Essay teaches how to work with sources properly.

  • Since objectively you cannot possess knowledge about all the things around you will definitely need to address the sources in order to form your own arguments and to support the points, which you have already developed.
  • We highly recommend you to work with authoritative sources only. This is how you will show your participation in the current scholar communication and will find the appropriate support for your arguments.
  • As you are not allowed to take somebody’s thoughts as your own due to plagiarism restrictions you will get one more significant skill necessary for correct academic writing. Here you will learn how to cite, paraphrase and summarize sources properly.
  • Before you start writing do not forget to check the reference format, which is required for your assignment. When you learn it find all the needed details (like page number, name of publishing house date of issue).

Essay offers you communication with your tutor.

  • Essay writing is a wonderful chance to share your ideas with others or, at least, your tutor and get a feedback on them.
  • Moreover, you will be able to receive valuable pieces of advice how to improve your writing as usually instructors and professors send their comments that you should really take into consideration.
  • Essay is also an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the subject, which will be evaluated as a part of your course grade.
  • When you are preparing to the final exam or test your essay is the best revising material if you have written it well and showed your personal understanding of the subject and its components. Thus, do your best to organize your paper in the way that will allow you to recall the necessary points in future.

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