Persuasive essay topics vs. pro con essay topics – what is the difference?

Nowadays a lot of professors do not pay that much attention to the subject student has chosen to study in the essay, but the form of the essay and if the student is well-versed in different types of work. That is why open essay topics are becoming more popular but the professors still give definite requirements on how the paper shall look like. That is what causes a lot of troubles among the students. For instance, persuasive essay and pro con research paper topics can often become confusing. What is the main difference between them?

Persuasive or argumentative essay is all about convincing the reader in your absolute rightness on the matter, sharing your thoughts and ideas and getting people to accept them as their own. The writer usually takes one point of view and develops it throughout the paper, sometimes setting it under questions, but still proving the position right on the every step. The paper shall begin with the informing the reader with your point of view and continue with the focus on giving arguments to it, resulting in a conclusion, where you state why exactly everyone shall take your position.

Essays related to pro con research paper topics are slightly different. Before reveal your own position you have to let the writer to from his own one by explaining him all the advantages and disadvantages of the chosen pro con essay topics. It may consist of an introduction, giving an absolutely neutral position; the main body with all the details of the discussed subjects, examples of the both sides; and the conclusion, where you finally reveal your position on the subject. The last shall be done very carefully, as the purpose of this paper is not to persuade the reader in your point of view, but to let him make his own choices.

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