War Essay Topics: What Is It Possible to Write about?

War has mostly a political and a historical significance, having its influence on geographical, economic, social aspects of a certain country`s life. Therefore, there is quite a wide choice of war essay topics you can write on.


Principles of War Essay Topics Selection

Before we give you some ideas on what to write about concerning war, check what points should be taken into account while choosing the topic.

1) Subject You Need an Essay On

Obviously, if you need to write a war essay on a certain subject, you should concentrate your attention on the appropriate field. If you study Economics, and your professor told you to select any topic dealing with war, you cannot write about the Psychological issues the soldiers face after the war is over. It turns out that you are free to choose a topic, but you still have limits.

2) Your Personal Interests

A war is a big and multi-aspect issue, so you can find the thing about it, which is the most interesting for you. If you are interested in what you are writing about, you will be able to create a good catchy text with the relevant information included.

3) Essay Size Requirements and Topics

Mind the size of your essay required and select the topic in accordance to it. If you need to write a 15 page paper, you can select a more general topic. Firstly, you will know what to write about talking about different sides of your topic. Secondly, you will be able to cover it fully. However, if you need to complete a 2-3 page paper, it will be better to select a narrow topic. This will help you to provide your reader with in-depth analysis showing that you are a true expert in the issue with much more than just some surface knowledge. For example, instead of overview of social impacts of the war, you can talk about a specific war in a specific country and be exact.


War Essay Topics worth Writing On

Let`s separate the topics according to the fields they touch upon:

       1. Political Studies and International Relationships:

Political Disagreement as a Cause of a War

Political Causes of War

Political Regulations Concerning a War

International Support in a War

An Influence of a War on Political Situation in a Certain Country

The Threats of a Civil War for the Neighboring Countries

Political Agreements against the War

       2. Economics:

The Economic Crisis during the War: Causes and Effects

The State of Economics during the War

The Dominant Fields in Economics during the War

       3. Sociology:

The Growth of Unemployment during the War

The Modification of the Traditional Gender Roles Due to the War

The Cultural Changes Caused by a War

       4. Psychology

The Psychological Challenges a Person Faces on War

The Psychological Adaptation of Ex-Soldiers in the Post-War Society

       5. Law and International Law

The National Law Adjustments during the War

The International Responsibility for Braking the Agreements

A Court-Martial


Help with the Topic Selection

If you were assigned to write an essay on war, but you have no topic yet – this is not a problem. Simply specify “I need to choose a good topic” in the topic field of order form. After you get the writer, you will communicate and discuss the topics to select the best one among the war essay topics and write an interesting and extra-ordinary paper.

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