Essay Ideas for the Academic Writer of Fight Club Paper

“Fight club” is the famous book written by Chuck Palahniuk. It became even more popular after it was made into a film with Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and other well-known actors. Therefore, if you have got an assignment to be the writer of Fight Club essay, you should complete an extra-ordinary A+ paper.


What Can You Talk about Writing a Fight Club Essay?

There are quite a lot of things to write about, as “Fight Club” is a controversial film with quite ideas. Check some approaches to writing on this topic below!

  • Writing about the Book

You can complete a full paper on the book and its critical review. It will be a good idea to mention, what the place of this particular book within the creative work of Chuck Palahniuk. It is possible to be more personal and include your personal attitude to the reading, such as which points you liked and which you didn`t. The writing will be more certain if you include the quotes from the book to back up your thoughts.

  • Writing about the Film

It is also possible to write an essay about the film. In this case you should better look at this film in context of other works of its director David Fincher. If you are studying Film and Theatre at university, you are able to write an analysis of the actor`s performance or of the director`s work.

  • Writing about the Film and the Book

They say “The film adaptation is always worse than the book by itself”. Do you agree with this point based on the film and book “Fight Club”? What the book and the film has in common, and what is different in plot if to compare? This is a good direction for an argumentative essay or the persuasive speech.


What Interesting Aspects Does the Plot Cover?

What we mean telling, that the “Fight Club” is the deep and contradictive movie? Generally, this means that it touches upon the important socio-psychological issues and makes people think of them. Here are the possible approaches to the themes highlighted in “Fight Club”.

       1. The Inner Fight

The symbolic title of the book shows the inner fight of the main character being put in a frame of a regular office worker and suffering from insomnia as a result of his need to fight. You may talk about the causes and effects of his state and about the metaphoric role of the Tylor Durden as his alter ego.

       2. The Psychology of Aggression and Protest

It may seem that the book supports the aggression and protest making it a good way of solution. However, you should examine this from the other way. Indeed, the aggression is not being justified, but explained as a social consequence.


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