Keys to Writing a Good Essay

How to write a good essay? Firstly, it is important to determine, what can be considered to be a good essay. A good essay is the essay, which can get A from professor as it is: 1) completed according to given requirements; 2) well-structured, has introduction (including thesis statement), body part (with several sub-parts), and conclusion; 3) it covers the topic or issue requested fully; 4) original and properly formatted etc.

So, as you can judge by this even not full list of features, writing an essay is an involving task that requires spending much time and efforts.

You should get ready to devote your time fully and not try to save some time skipping some compulsory stages of writing of a good essay. It is practically not possible to do a decent paper overnight unless you are the professional PhD level writer with long experience. Thus, start working on your paper at least a few days before the due date. The first thing you should do is to read assignment a few times and make sure you understand it. A high percentage of students fail with essay papers just due to not attentive reading of the assignment requirements. After the essay instructions have been understood well, you can start working on it.

The topic selection seems to be the first step. However, it is not. Professor`s giving a certain topic to write on will simplify your task. If there are no topics under instructions, you should choose one by yourself and this can be done only after you are aware of the subject, its circle of issues. Only after having deep understanding, you will be able to find out, which topic is interesting to write about for you personally. Evidence shows, that if an essay writer is interested in what he writes about, this will most likely result in a worthy paper.

The background understanding of what is required can be got from notes from lectures as well as from recommended sources. You should visit library and get the online sources as well as read the offline books that will contribute to your future writing. However, it is not enough just to read sources, as you need to understand them and analyze. You should better write down some notes in order to include citations to your essay in order to make it well-supported. After you are through with this stage, it is time for you to start thinking over what will you write.

It is a well-known fact, that writing of paper includes numerous drafts` writings and one usually fixes and changes a lot before doing the last, final draft. It is also not a new, that professor can deduct grade due to grammar, spelling or formatting issues, so it is necessary to pay an especial attention to these minor, but still important things.

However, the other thing that needs to be emphasized on is the personal opinion and experience including into a paper. Surely, there are some essay types, when all you need is to do a compilation of materials and cite them well. However, most often professors appreciate if a student makes his personal contribution and tells his well-supported point of view on the issue, ways for its resolving etc. Student`s personality and knowledge can even be judged by his way of paper structuring.

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