Writing essay for dummies: Learn what and how to write in your paper.

Students often ask questions like “how to write an essay?” or “how to write better essays”. Surely, there is no unique secret of a successful essay but we have got several rules, which will help you to improve essay writing skills. First of all, you should consider the significance of developing writing skills that are actually acquired with the help of completing essay tasks. Note that writing a paper is a chance to train your skills and to express your personal view on the particular issue. Find the tips how to write properly here.

Rule 1. Be clear.

  • Clarity is one of the main principles, which you should follow. Consider that essay is a type of paper that must be clear to the audience; otherwise, it will be likely to be left without proper attention.
  • In order to provide the readers with clarity and coherence you should avoid ambiguous words and expressions and emotional language. The structure is also exceptionally important I this case.

Rule 2. Be concise.

  • If a reader spends precious minutes of his time on reading your essay you should be really pleased, as there could be a number of other things he or she could do. From your side, conciseness is expected.
  • Do not use words-fillers but try to find only those ones, which exactly express the necessary meaning.
  • Avoid general terms like “good”, “important” and so on. They usually need specification, which is why it will add in word count. Do your best to get straight to the point.

Rule 3. Be precise.

  • Preciseness is a requirement, which is close to the brevity, explained in previous point. As when you use concise language you try to select the most meaningful words.
  • We recommend you to check the words, which you used properly, and make sure that you understand meaning of them. If you have the term that is unknown check what it means in the dictionary before including it in your paper.
  • Avoid philosophic reflections if you are not asked to provide them. The essay should inform the reader about the issue, your position on it and suggested solution to the problem revealed.

Rule 4. Watch the structure.

  • The structure of your essay is one of the first things, which your professor will check. Thus, make sure that you follow the necessary requirements.
  • Check which referencing format you are asked to follow so you gather all the necessary information for bibliography before starting drafting and will not need to get back to it.
  • The paper usually has 3 main parts: an introduction, a main body and a conclusion.
  • The introduction must include a hook for the reader – a pattern, which will attract the attention, and the thesis statement – your position or main idea of the essay. Also, this part has to provide some general or background information.
  • The main body is divided into several paragraphs that correspond to a certain argument each. Make sure that your paragraph has: topic sentence, supporting details and the transitive sentence, which leads the reader to the next part.
  • The conclusion is to summarize all the points stated and to provide the reader with some general insights regarding the significance of your research completed.

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